Year: 2013

19 Dec 2013


Things really went out of my usual comfort zone on our last shoot, but it was well worth it! Meet Susan, who got in touch via the Casting Call form I recently added to my website. Susan’s style leans towards Cybergoth, and has a great deal of colourfulness and interesting details I thought it would be great to capture in an image

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10 Nov 2013


Session with Iaido practitioners. We shot some strong poses with some dramatic lighting, but also some dynamic images which would capture the motion of the Katas as well.

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13 Oct 2013

World Zombie Day

It was the World  Zombie Day 2013 yesterday, and oh it was fun. Parts of central London suddenly turned into a zombie apocalypse, with groaning zombies and panicking tourists. Despite the lack of organs and blood loss, everyone was very cheerful and it was a real heaven for photographers. I’m posting some images which will […]

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13 Jul 2013

Inspiration: Pierre Gonnord and the Baroque

Pierre Gonnord is a French-born photographer whose touching portraiture has that classical feel to it, instantly reminding to Baroque painters such as Caravaggio, Velázquez or Rembrandt. It is often said that in order to understand and learn of great portraiture we should include the Old Masters’ paintings among our references. I wanted to explore this […]

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