Month: June 2013

25 Jun 2013

Inspiration: Adam Rowney

I would like to talk a bit about sources of inspiration today, starting off by introducing the work of my fellow photographer Adam Rowney.

These images are from his last publication. I love them because of their elegance, achieved by a clean composition and impeccable use of black and white. The lighting on these shots comes from a flashgun diffused by an umbrella – simple stuff done right: note how the light wraps around the model, the smooth transition between light and shadows which retain detail on the blacks, and the softness of those shadows. This is a beautiful example of Rembrandt lighting.

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16 Jun 2013

My mask is just not working

This image came to my mind when I was struggling with the fact that I’m not able to create on demand at a steady pace as much as I would like to. The creative process, this Persona, seems elusive most of the time just to burst at random when I’m feeling most empty.

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