Month: October 2014

27 Oct 2014


This is a brief post to describe the shoot I did with Nicolas with a film-noir-inspired theme. With such great facial features I was keen on experimenting with hard light and some deep shadows. I spent some time watching genre films from the 50’s (the lighting on The Big Combo is quite spectacular if you […]

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11 Oct 2014

World Zombie Day 2014

Today it was WZD and the streets fill once more with moaning zombies in the look for juicy brains. This event is a real treat for photographers (alive or undead), and having had so much fun last year I was not going to miss it!. I checked the itinerary and chose to go to the […]

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04 Oct 2014


I normally approach portraiture from the subject standpoint: I would get the subject first, and then build an image around him or her. I had been wanting however to keep exploring some colourful light setups, along the lines of Jack and Sammie, but see what could be achieved without the help of the make-up design […]

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