04 Aug 2020

Toning Kallitype Prints

Kallitypes is an alternative photographic process in the same family as platinum/palladium prints. In Kallitypes, we use silver and iron-based compounds to form the final image. However, because in time, silver can rust or react to air, Kallitypes prints are initially not nearly as permanent. We need a toning step to address this. Toning is […]

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31 Jul 2020

Traditional and Alternative Photographic Processes

Even though I am all about film cameras, darkrooms and quirky 19th-century alternative printing techniques, during the day I work —perhaps somewhat ironically— in the Visual Effects industry for film post-production. Any film you see today in the cinema is likely to be comprised of a combination of real footage and photorealistic computer-generated imagery. And […]

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05 Mar 2020


Isabel and I got in touch while I was looking for contemporary dancers to help me create fine art work. While discussing the concept and showing some prints, we got to realise that not only her background and experience was an excellent match, but how we were both approaching a like minded space from different […]

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02 Jun 2019


I recently took part in a workshop with the incredible Ryan Muirhead where among other things he voiced with uncanny accuracy some of the thoughts and concerns I had been mulling over about my own work, which I’ve been thinking about for some time now: how easy it is, in trying to produce perfect images, […]

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