06 Oct 2018


I recently did a series which I titled ‘Things’ in collaboration with the amazing Drew Beckett. The image is based on a little poem I scribbled one day, which goes like this: I surrounded myselfby all these things.  Precious things. Beautiful things.Things that I clung to,trapped and collected.They all crumbled,and faded away.  And I felt so angry,Loneliness […]

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08 Aug 2018

The flow

All the tomorrows trickling between my fingers. Time grinding onwards, as I keep reaching out for something I can’t quite shape, all those perfect plans that now feel stale. draining sea of possibilities, wading through, feeling so drowsy, so heavy and so slow. All the decisions, moments and past choices. Little pesky things, they crawl […]

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23 May 2018

4×5 Black and white film comparison

Introduction I have been using Ilford FP4 for the majority of my portrait work, in both medium and large format. This is a film stock that I know and love, but I wanted to make a more informed decision and perhaps add more films to my arsenal, understanding their different strengths. So I set myself […]

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17 May 2018


For this project I teamed up again with the incredibly talented SFX and Make-up artist Julia Sánchez Merino to work on her dissertation at the London College of Fashion. The project is called Hop-Frog and illustrates a poem by the same name from Edgar Allan Poe narrating the story of a mistreated court jester who […]

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22 Apr 2018

Clara Rísquez

In this post I’ll cover the concept and preparation of the portrait of Clara, a Jazz/Burlesque singer and dancer shot at my home studio. The styling of the shoot is centred around two looks: on the first look we would prominently feature one of Clara’s dancing dresses, a gorgeous golden colour design which I knew […]

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