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19 Jun 2019


You stumble forward, blinded by doubt, with no sense of where you’re headed. Your hands and knees still hurt from the fall before, when you tripped and rolled down from that place, above. The place that contains this adult life, work grind and responsibilities, proper interactions and all these normal people. And nothing else. That […]

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02 Jun 2019


I recently took part in a workshop with the incredible Ryan Muirhead where among other things he voiced with uncanny accuracy some of the thoughts and concerns I had been mulling over about my own work, which I’ve been thinking about for some time now: how easy it is, in trying to produce perfect images, […]

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06 Oct 2018


I recently did a series which I titled ‘Things’ in collaboration with the amazing Drew Beckett. The image is based on a little poem I scribbled one day, which goes like this: I surrounded myselfby all these things.  Precious things. Beautiful things.Things that I clung to,trapped and collected.They all crumbled,and faded away.  And I felt so angry,Loneliness […]

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08 Aug 2018

The flow

All the tomorrows trickling between my fingers. Time grinding onwards, as I keep reaching out for something I can’t quite shape, all those perfect plans that now feel stale. draining sea of possibilities, wading through, feeling so drowsy, so heavy and so slow. All the decisions, moments and past choices. Little pesky things, they crawl […]

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