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26 May 2013

Brief Encounters

Just watched the documentary ‘Brief Encounters’ following Gregory Credwson during the production of his photographs. I remember attending an exhibition showcasing some of his huge prints years ago, but it wasn’t till I’ve seen the documentary that I realised the obsessive attention to detail on the making of his pictures. The setup resembles film more […]

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04 May 2013

Electric town

A bit of street photography in Tokyo. Rainy evening at Akihabara (Electric town): neon light, wet asphalt, school girls and business men.

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23 Apr 2013

Maikos and Geisha

Maikos and Geisha where notably hard to photograph! not surprising, as every time they showed up somewhere hordes of tourists (ahem) would jump on the chance to get their picture. I do like that smirk, though

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16 Apr 2013

Getting lost on the streets of Gion

I was looking at the twisted cables when I noticed the woman walking by. I managed to quickly take a burst of pictures, and I was lucky enough that in one of them she was just being lit by the warm light of the building entrance. It is a nice contrast with the cooling light […]

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14 Apr 2013

Shiya and Tsugumi

I’ve been travelling with my partner to Japan recently, and had the chance to devote some time to photograph their places and people (who despite extremely nice and kind, I found notably camera shy!) besides the more typical touristy photos For the first shot, these are Shiya and Tsugumi, posing with the beautiful traditional Kimonos […]

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