10 Dec 2016

Clown and vulnerability

After learning about Julia Masli’s training as a performer, and how she specialised in Clown theatre I quickly, and mildly unprofessionally ended up replying her email with an emphatic ‘Yes! whatever the concept, let’s just work together!’. Julia had told me about the costumes she makes and wears to her performances, but what was fascinating to learn after talking to her was how the point of those costumes for her was not that they were themselves funny; the costumes made Julia vulnerable, stripped her from any layer of the social persona she would normally wear during her daily life, and got her soul-naked in front of people.

And then she would trip over her stage fear, and become truly happy by entertaining her audience. Barely using words, Julia is able to tell stories that are funny because it gets easy to laugh at them, and with that, laugh at ourselves.


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