15 Feb 2017


Edgy lights and general badassery with the beautiful Elaine.

On the first look we used coloured light strobes to create a very graphic look, the MUA on set Diana did a wonderful job with the make-up and added a little touch of oil on the skin which gave us the specular sheen we were after.

The second look is a simpler, bolder setup, where I shot with my Hasselblad 500 c/m on medium format film. I really like how the skin and tones on the leather came out!

Model: Elaine Chong.
MUA and Hair Styling: Diana Enaiche


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  1. Just watching your documentary re Asian girls wanting to look more Western to fit in.
    I don’t understand because they are so beautiful. You went to a school as the only Asian and felt you stood out. You did because you were the most beautiful there


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