26 Jan 2017

Film for posterity

A bit of food for thought: this video stroke a chord; not because it talks about the usual film vs digital debate in terms of quality, general and intangible feel etc, but because it focuses instead on the archival properties of film versus digital images, and why that matters for photographs we care about (our memories, the people we love).

I’ve been shooting digital for more than a decade, my first digital files date back to around 2003, and I make every possible effort to keep them backed up and in a working state. And yet I have no certainty those pictures will be around, or will be readable in the next 20 years. And I find that troublesome.

I don’t fully agree with everything said in the video – for starts, I can’t back up film in case of theft or fire, but I can see the point of at least not having to worry about hard-drive failure, or the next model of cables and adapters.

If anyone reading this has a great, time-tested solution for their photos, I’d love to hear about it!


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