03 Sep 2014

Jack and Sammie

Here’s some of the images resulting from a collaboration with the make-up artist Kat Fawcett. The concept for the shoot was to have Kat paint some cool tribal-like designs all over two willing models, Jack and Sammie. This would also allow me to play with some light coloring without having to worry about flesh tones, of which there would simply be none.

Jack’s design is monochromatic, which lends itself to a very graphic kind of image. I thought I’d go for black and white, but then decided to spice it up by splashing some saturated orange for contrast, which I ended up liking best because it breaks the stark line pattern in an interesting way. Jack was a natural in front of the camera, really fun to work with, and his lean body frame works wonders with rim lighting.

Sammie on the other hand would be painted with a palette of cool saturated tones, and the first thing that caught my eye was the stunning pink color on her hair. My natural tendency on this kind of images is to go the opposite direction, and produce a very classic light setup – I feel this makes edge subjects stand out even more on their own. The resulting image I do love, as it looks somewhat painterly despite her otherworldly look.

Next, I tried and edgier take on her look, setting up the background light to complement the pink tones on her hair, as well as adding a complementary warm tone to rim her hair and right-side shoulder. I have to say using saturated light gels is a lot of fun!



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