21 Apr 2017

Joanné Dion

A really delightful concept with Joanné, where we created a concept aimed to produce a series of images balancing out the purity of a white palette with increasing touches of colour on her lips as well as a flower crown over her head.

We wanted to strike a fine balance between a very targetted use of colour and Joanné’s delicate skin tones, while also making the process very obvious to the viewer: the white roses flowers are painted red, and just like in Alice in Wonderland, this was to produce an imperfect look which Anna, the make-up artist on the shoot, worked hard to to match on the make-up side until we went for the full red lips on the last shot.

The images are shot on medium format colour film, on my trusty Mamiya RZ67. The process was slow and methodical, where we’d perform endless adjustments to the position of the flowers, the expression and pose, in order to produce a consistent set of results. I had an idea of how I wanted the colours to look like, but once I saw the results developed on Kodak Portra film I was extremely pleased with the overall mood of the images!

Model: Joanné Dion
MUA: Anna Maria Rivera


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