29 Apr 2017

Marta Salcedo

The dream team assembles again to play with colours and light in studio this time.

In this  series we wanted to go for a more polished look that would feature the beautiful dancer Marta Salcedo in bolder colours. We ended up settling for a palette of blues and reds: the first look would have a neutral palette, and the colour would be added with the lighting, whereas for our second look we added all the red tones in the background, clothing, and make-up to match.

Anna did a fantastic job on the make-up department as usual, but it’s worth mentioning the oiling of the skin which gave us that nice shine and enhanced sense of depth and volume, which is something I’ve found a bit lacking in the past with this kind of lighting.

Beautiful images resulting from the shoot, and I can’t wait to work with these two great ladies again!

Model: Marta Salcedo
MUA and styling: Anna Maria Rivera


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