24 Jul 2017

Perry Cooke

New noir-inspired work with Perry Cooke. This was a shoot on studio combining a classic film look with very colourful, neo-noir inspired lighting.

The tool of choice for the black and white look was a medium format film Hasselblad camera using one of my favourite films, Ilford FP4. I just love the results achieved by this combination, and the overall moodiness of the shots, where the simplicity of the setup allowed Perry to focus on his interaction with the camera.

Moving to the neo noir colourful vibes, I was inspired by neon city lights, and a club atmosphere. I started off sketching the palette I wanted to go for, beginning with a base or cold cyan tones with a green fill, contrasted by a warm light shot through venetian blinds -a nod to the genre- which created some nice striped patterns over the model. All of this was finally topped off with a splash of pink light from a lamp behind, just for the sake of it, which was to better frame our subject in an otherwise mostly dark environment.

For this setup I ended up building a small club corner in the studio by shuffling all I could find around in order to achieve the composition I had in mind. Adding the venetian blinds on a light stand just outside the frame, and having the pink round lamp in the shot to “justify” the pink source. Getting the desired palette required a precise balance of 4 coloured light sources, mixing studio lights and strobe flashes, as these are easier to gel.

Once this all was set up, I had a nice set up for Perry to start exploring his character, which we defined to be a white globe Gangster who’s just had a tetrrible day at work and now is reflecting on the last hours. This gave us a range of emotions to explore, from moody and melancholic, to stark and confrontational.




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