Show Girl


Glamour, beauty and sparkle forever captured in a timeless image.

Amy is a multidisciplinary performer who, against all good advice, very much enjoys playing with fire. This portrait of hers was taken using a large-format film camera to capture Amy’s eyes, fading into delicate softness along the shimmering dress. The print is achieved using a mixed and laborious 19th century alternative process named Kallitype where Silver salts are coated onto thick cotton paper before being exposed to UV light. The exposed metals sip into and combine with the very fibres of the paper, unlike ink pigments only sitting on the surface.

The image is then developed through a developer bath which turns the salts into metallic silver; halfway through the process, the print undergoes two toning steps with noble metals of palladium and gold, which replace the silver metal and extend the range of hues from warm browns, to neutral greys, all the way to subtle purple shadows. The resulting image is then further processed for maximum archival stability and, if properly cared for, should last for many decades without fading or losing any of their splendour.

Please note that every print is individually hand-made to order, and no two prints will look identical. Prints usually ships within two weeks depending on stock.

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