10 May 2017

Rhiannah Balcombe

When I got in touch with Rhiannah and started working out on the concept for our shoot, I had in mind moving away from edgy punk shots and set her in a classical environment which would contrast and thus enhance her appearance.

Rhiannah Balcombe

And very classical we went indeed, ending up creating a still life portrait painting with our beautiful edgy subject. The composition grows around a green/red/purple palette which would drive attention to her hair and lips; everything that is on the table is chosen to fit these colours, and then further enhanced with the addition of metal in tiny pots and all of Rhiannah’s spikes and accessories, which provide tiny sparkles of light and drive the eye.

Anna did a fantastic job on the make-up as usual, rounding up the look with the messy lips to go with the pomegranate (which turned out to be quite hard to actually bite off!).

Here’s some behind the scenes shots, with Anna working on the (fairly elaborate!) make-up, and Rhiannah getting all messy with the pomegranate.


But Rhiannah came up so incredibly well prepared to the shoot that we had to use some of her stuff for a second look, I could have worked for a week with all her repertoire of wardrobe and accessories!

Rhiannah Balcombe

Model: Rhiannah Balcombe.
MUA: Anna Maria Rivera.


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