05 Apr 2017

Robin Contelaar

Here are some pictures from our shoot with Robin Contelaar, a Dutch actor and model.

We chose St Dunstan in the East in London for our location, a derelict former church now turned into a small yet incredibly beautiful public garden right in the centre of London. We were incredibly lucky with the weather on the day of the shoot -for UK standards-, and even though it wasn’t quite warm, we got some sunshine which we put to great use highlighting Robin’s beautiful curly hair. I counted no less than other 4 teams of photographers with their assistants and models on the same day, which confirms the choice of location! one of the funniest moments from the day was having the various police men and women patrolling the area doing their best poses next to a confused-looking Robin, it was overall a blast of a shoot.


Lastly one of my favourite shots from the day with Robin and my MUA for the day Anna both posing for the money shot while we fail to conceal the flash light behind Robin’s hair.


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