I approach my photography as a process of creativity and craft. Images are seeded by an idea, which I plan and execute alongside with a team and my subjects. Good human interaction and team dynamic are usually key ingredients to create the right moment; this does show in the images in subtle yet perceivable ways.

And when the buzz is over, the process of crafting the final image begins.

As much as possible, I find in the printed image the end goal of the journey. Using traditional techniques, I strive to create unique reproductions. Not copies at the press of a button. Objects with a direct connection with the artist that made them. Which can inspire and encourage us to take them in slowly, and become part of the physical spaces we inhabit. In a time of endless pixel scrolling and a split-second attention economy, slowing down is for me a form of intentional expression. But I strongly feel the need to pause. To create mindfully and honour the craft along with the results.

I would like to make you part of this journey by offering a few of my handmade prints. Each one is crafted in the darkroom or my studio using traditional and alternative photographic techniques. Creating these is a slow process, which takes hours to execute and years to perfect.

Making of a platinum/palladium print

You will find darkroom prints made using traditional silver gelatin papers. For a few selected photographs, I can also produce Platinum/Palladium prints. A laborious process, this 19th-century technique uses noble metals to deliver images with an unparalleled quality range and permanence.

I can also make prints by request. So if you have any specific inquiry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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