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06 Oct 2018


I recently did a series which I titled ‘Things’ in collaboration with the amazing Drew Beckett. The image is based on a little poem I scribbled one day, which goes like this: I surrounded myselfby all these things.  Precious things. Beautiful things.Things that I clung to,trapped and collected.They all crumbled,and faded away.  And I felt so angry,Loneliness […]

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29 Jan 2018

The beauty and the lasers

In this blog post I’d like to share a short write-up about the making of Arianne’s portrait. This image combines a couple of ideas which I think make for an interesting break-down. Choreographing a long exposure The overall tone is comprised by a palette of pale blues and cyans, contrasted why a dash of red […]

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19 Jan 2017

Dancing in the streets

From last weekend’s session with Wetika, a ballet and contemporary dancer. The concept we had for this shoot was to get out of the studio and have Wetika dance on an urban setting. Ballet is such a technical discipline that on previous photos, Wetika had had little chance to actually dance in front of a […]

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