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03 Sep 2014

Jack and Sammie

Here’s some of the images resulting from a collaboration with the make-up artist Kat Fawcett. The concept for the shoot was to have Kat paint some cool tribal-like designs all over two willing models, Jack and Sammie. This would also allow me to play with some light coloring without having to worry about flesh tones, of which there would simply be none.

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25 Jun 2013

Inspiration: Adam Rowney

I would like to talk a bit about sources of inspiration today, starting off by introducing the work of my fellow photographer Adam Rowney.

These images are from his last publication. I love them because of their elegance, achieved by a clean composition and impeccable use of black and white. The lighting on these shots comes from a flashgun diffused by an umbrella – simple stuff done right: note how the light wraps around the model, the smooth transition between light and shadows which retain detail on the blacks, and the softness of those shadows. This is a beautiful example of Rembrandt lighting.

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16 Jun 2013

My mask is just not working

This image came to my mind when I was struggling with the fact that I’m not able to create on demand at a steady pace as much as I would like to. The creative process, this Persona, seems elusive most of the time just to burst at random when I’m feeling most empty.

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23 Apr 2013

Maikos and Geisha

Maikos and Geisha where notably hard to photograph! not surprising, as every time they showed up somewhere hordes of tourists (ahem) would jump on the chance to get their picture. I do like that smirk, though

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16 Apr 2013

Getting lost on the streets of Gion

I was looking at the twisted cables when I noticed the woman walking by. I managed to quickly take a burst of pictures, and I was lucky enough that in one of them she was just being lit by the warm light of the building entrance. It is a nice contrast with the cooling light […]

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