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06 Oct 2018


I recently did a series which I titled ‘Things’ in collaboration with the amazing Drew Beckett. The image is based on a little poem I scribbled one day, which goes like this: I surrounded myselfby all these things.  Precious things. Beautiful things.Things that I clung to,trapped and collected.They all crumbled,and faded away.  And I felt so angry,Loneliness […]

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22 Apr 2018

Clara Rísquez

In this post I’ll cover the concept and preparation of the portrait of Clara, a Jazz/Burlesque singer and dancer shot at my home studio. The styling of the shoot is centred around two looks: on the first look we would prominently feature one of Clara’s dancing dresses, a gorgeous golden colour design which I knew […]

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09 Apr 2017

HAM the illustrator

Sometimes the takeaway from a shoot is more than the pictures, there’s the chance to meet a creative person and enjoy the chat about our passions and learn from each other. Alex is one of those beautiful souls; a hard to pin down individual: musician, rapper, visual artist and overall great guy. We almost ran […]

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19 Jan 2017

Dancing in the streets

From last weekend’s session with Wetika, a ballet and contemporary dancer. The concept we had for this shoot was to get out of the studio and have Wetika dance on an urban setting. Ballet is such a technical discipline that on previous photos, Wetika had had little chance to actually dance in front of a […]

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11 Nov 2014


I’ve mentioned in the past how when creating a portrait, my first instinct is always to try learning as much as I can from the subject in order to build a suitable image around him or her. This is alas not always possible, as often photographer and sitter only meet for the briefest period of […]

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